Weight Loss Tips: Here’s How High Fibre Foods Can Help You Lose Weight Effectively

A crucial ingredient that is frequently ignored is fibre. Fibre is just a term for carbs that your gut is unable to break down. Depending on whether it dissolves in water (is soluble), or not, it is either classed as soluble or insoluble (insoluble). 

Insoluble fibres primarily serve as bulking agents, providing substance to your faeces. On the other hand, some types of soluble fibre have a substantial impact on your weight, health, and metabolism. Let’s understand what these types of fibre mean. 

What are the different types of fibre?

Insoluble fibre mainly serves as a bulking agent to help produce stool and assist it to move through the gut since it does not combine with water. This may ease constipation. Beta-glucan and glucomannan are soluble fibres that combine with water to create a viscous, gel-like substance that delays the rate at which the stomach releases digested food into the intestine. 

You can avoid gaining belly fat and decrease fat by eating more soluble fibre. Numerous other studies have demonstrated a decreased risk of fat in persons who consume more soluble fibre. Now that we understand how these fibres differ, let’s understand how they can help you lose weight.

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